Meet Deepend

Meet Deepend! 

October 16, 2015 by Haakon Bjoern-Hansen
   From the office space of Deepend. Photo: Private.

   From the office space of Deepend. Photo: Private.

It is time to introduce you to another creative member of our chamber. Through their Creative Director, Nitin Mistry, we would like you to meet Deepend!

Could you please begin by briefly explaining what Deepend is and what you do?

Nitin Mistry, Creative Director at Deepend

Nitin Mistry, Creative Director at Deepend

We are Australia’s largest independent digital agency, with a focus on communications, content and platforms. We help businesses succeed with great engineered ideas and innovations, which have people at their heart. Deepend is proudly part of a four-agency collective, the Deepend Group.

I’m the Creative Director which means I lead all creative aspects of a project, from initial ideation to final output and beyond.

Take us through your typical day at work as a Creative Director 

Coffee, write to-do list, check blogs and industry news, creative team meeting, oversee multiple projects, client meetings, quick lunch, oversee multiple projects, client meetings, coffee, finally start on a brief I was given two days ago with a deadline of tomorrow morning, lack of ideas leads to panic, listen to music, have multiple ideas pop into my brainbox, get excited, relief and then relax.

With so much going on in the present, what are the future plans for Deepend?

To remain ahead of the curve and continue to innovative in a world where the industry landscape is changing at an exceptional pace.  

How would you describe the organisational culture of your business?

Fast paced would be an understatement. But this speed is met with a hunger to do things better. Innovation is such an overused word, but it really is at the core of Deepend’s mission. Every project we work on and every decision we make is steeped in that ethos.

Why did you get involved with the SHCP?

Because, in the digital age, it is more important than ever to remain an integrated part of your community and make solid connections with surrounding businesses. 

What are the most important lessons you have learned from working at Deepend?

Most important lesson: Talk to as many people in the agency as possible. We have some super smart and passionate individuals with an amazing range of skills, all of whom contribute to outstanding creative solutions.

Second most important lesson: Don’t play Noel, our Design Director, at foosball on a Friday evening if you want to leave in a good mood.

As they say: Work hard - play hard.

As they say: Work hard - play hard.

Thank you for the advice! Finally; if you could improve one thing in Surry Hills, what would it be?

More coffee shops? Less hills? More manicured beards? Actually I’d leave it as it is, flaws and all. The energy of Surry Hills is unique and it’s imperfections as much as its beauty and creativity make it such an alluring place to work.

A huge thank you to Nitin and Deepend for taking the time for this interview!