Position Descriptions


1 x President

Acts as the head of the Surry Hills Creative Precinct - gives and takes advice from and to SHCP staff. The President has the ability, in conjunction with the Treasurer, to release funds where appropriate. The President is the primary contact and face for SHCP. The President is expected to attend SHCP events and speak on behalf of SHCP. The President is required to liaise with the City of Sydney attend meetings and functions.


1 x Vice President

Acts on behalf of the president when the president is unavailable. The Vice President is expected to consult and be consulted on issues with the president. The Vice President has the ability, in conjunction with the Treasurer, to release funds where appropriate, only when the President is unavailable.


1 x Secretary

Manages note takings at meetings. Keeps records. Manages elections and nominations. Works with SHCP staff on an everyday basis to ensure these tasks are completed.


1 x Treasurer

Manages SHCP finances. This may involve outsourcing financial responsibility, however if the treasurer is adequately qualified this can be performed directly. Funds are released by the Treasurer in conjunction with the President or (only if the President is unavailable) the Vice President.


3 x Ordinary Board Members

Ordinary board members have voting rights. They liaise with SHCP staff and other board members to ensure the smooth running of the organisation.


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