Cambridge Hotel Sydney is an independently operated boutique hotel located in the vibrant Sydney suburb of Surry Hills.

The Cambridge Hotel first started trading in 1979 and consisted of 137 guest rooms. The Hotel owned and operated Sydney’s first 5 star restaurant known as “Cyrano’s”. It then became Café 212 that served up breakfast, lunch and dinner to the hotels guests. Today it homes a rustic Italian restaurant, Baccomatto Osteria owned by Mauro Marcucci, which offers a vibrant atmosphere and delicious rustic Italian dishes.

When the restaurant opened in 1979, Sydney’s finest Chef Rolf Widmer introduced a French cuisine to Australia never seen before, known by the French as “Nouvelle”. This was frequented by some of Sydney’s most prominent business people and local residents, including Mr Paul Keating (former Prime Minister of Australia) and Mr. Lionel Murphy and his entourage of Judges. This cuisine carried on until 1990.

212 Riley Street, Surry Hills