RSVP your interest and chosen topics below. Please note that the purpose of these seminars, workshops, focus groups and talks is to collect information from the Surry Hills business community to support the Surry Hills local economy. This means we will preference business owners or those with business interests in Surry Hills in our selection criteria. Once you have been selected (selection is at our discretion and is based on criteria such as ensuring a statistically proportional representation of business types, the locations of businesses and relationships with the broader economy both locally and beyond) we will contact you with the location and your invite to the topic/event. The locations are local and will never be more than a 5-10 minute walk from the Surry Hills Library.

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1 - I acknowledge that the $100 provided as an honorarium for my voluntary participation in the market research focus groups/workshops conducted on behalf Surry Hills Creative Precinct. 2 - I give consent to the research study being audio recorded for the purpose of illustrating research findings and/or internal training purposes only and understand that this material may not be used for any other commercial purposes. The commissioning agency abides by The Australian Privacy Principles which clearly set out participants’ rights to anonymity. 3 - I acknowledge that the discussion content is confidential in nature and will not be discussed outside the focus group/workshop.
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