Marta Ki-Yan’s mural Kyoto 2019_01_

Marta from ACME

If, like me, you think being bilingual is impressive, meeting a person who is fluent in five languages is frankly awe-inspiring. Picture frame designer, interior stylist, published author, photographer, exhibited artist, multi-linguist: Marta Wawrzyniak-Ijichi wears many hats, from all over the world. Best known locally for her work at ACME Framing on Crown Street, Marta’s […]


The Public in Art

By Fiona McIntosh  Public art comes in many guises. At its core, its role is to encourage a more meaningful experience for a community of its shared public spaces. It provides a focus to publicly commemorate an event, or person, or express a collective sentiment. It enhances our architectural and environmental surrounds and, at its […]


Sydney looks better in drag

From Priscilla to Mardi Gras, Sydney’s history has always had rainbow-coloured undertones. But the hit American show RuPaul’s Drag Race has well and truly catapulted drag culture into the mainstream, Sydney-based drag queen Hannah Conda told Urban Village.  Once existent only on society’s cultural fringe, drag artists and performers are now highly sought after by […]


Life Eats Life

The healing power of good food. Ouroboros Wholefoods Cafe draws its name from one of the world’s oldest mystical symbols. The snake eating its own tail means infinity, wholeness and continuous renewal, and as owner Manny Tzirtzilakis adds: “you are what you eat.” Manny took over the Devonshire Street cafe in 2015 after the decision to […]


Elms Store on Crown Street

Elms is a lifestyle store and gallery space on Crown Street that celebrates Australian designers and artists.   I stopped in and spoke to owner Rebecca about her move into the neighbourhood, the rise of Instagram in retail, and the importance of stocking only Australian brands.   “Our stock is a collection of things I love, things […]