Dye, Don’t Buy!

“I love colour and I love seeing people happy about colour. Dying is about transforming something that’s yours already and making it exactly what you want.” Rosemary Wright-Dyer and her husband David started Cullachange in 1990. Since then it has developed to be an Australia wide business, with the introduction of their CullaPac postal service […]

Nico Pustilnick

Pulse Agency

Pulse turns users into paying customers, by looking beyond likes into the real business. Nicolas Pustilnick Colombres got into advertising to sustain his love of music. Now he owns Pulse Agency, a Sydney bespoke digital marketing agency with a focus on increasing business visibility organically. “I like playing with creativity and strategy. I’m a musician […]


Surry Hills Icon: Meg Hewitt

Neighbourhood icon Meg Hewitt returns to Surry Hills after years abroad for her exhibition Tokyo Is Yours at Flinders Street Gallery. The exhibition showcases her photography series created in Japan over two years. Meg was inspired by the Great East earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011 and wanted to truly understand what it felt […]

Michael Reid_01

Michael Reid Gallery

Gallerist Michael Reid has been influential in the art world for over 20 years as an art writer, educator, researcher and dealer.  He has represented artists and sold their works since the early 2000’s, initially in Elizabeth Bay then in Berlin and Murrundi (regional NSW) and now in Surry Hills and  increasingly, online. The gallery’s […]


ACME Framing

Head to Surry Hills

Geoff Bracken, the boss behind Acme Framing, is quick to ask “Do you know what Acme means? It means highest point, point of success, of achievement. What it isn’t, is the ‘beep beep road runner’!” And that point of success overflows at Acme, with some of the best designers, framers, conservators and craftspeople in the country working under his roof.

For over ten years, Geoff worked as a rehabilitation nurse, until one day an injury saw him have to leave the health industry. But then serendipity quickly stepped in, when Geoff tagged along with his friends who were picking up some framed pictures completed by the then owner of Acme.

At the time the owner needed someone to help in the business, and Geoff, with his enthusiasm and skillset for woodwork, was the chosen one to do so. Shortly after Geoff purchased the business, and as the saying goes, the rest is history, two decades and still counting.

Being bespoke framers means every job is unique. “It’s an involved process, one that sees us work closely with the artwork and the expectations of those having it done. Because there’s so many ways you can frame a picture, collaboration is important.” One way is using the Acme Profile, a frame that has become so popular that leading molding companies have copied it, which Geoff laughingly points out is “rather flattering.”


This article first appeared in Urban Village