2020 Now What? Marketing Hacks & Mindset Hypnosis

PR Shed

Supercharge Your Year

Kicking off the new decade with a new era of productivity, 2020: Now What? Marketing Hacks & Mindset Hypnosis to Supercharge Your Year, promises to hype guests up and get sh*t done.

Taking place at Bustle Studios on February 20, this series of seminars from Sydney-based experts will provide practical and easily actionable advice to businesses aiming to be more prominent and profitable in 2020.

Reprogram your self talk for success

The truth is, what we tell ourselves matters. The way we feel and the actions we take, or don’t take, are determined by the thoughts we think and how we talk to ourselves every day. Bryony will teach you the rules of the mind, will show you how your body responds to the thoughts you think and will guide you through a live hypnosis session to reprogram your mind and level up your self-talk for success in 2020.

How to write web copy that nails the sale

Elle from 23 Wise Words will show you how to use brand strategy and behavioral psychology techniques to make simple changes to your website copy, so you can increase conversion rates and avoid the marketing money-pit.

PR hacks to make your brand famous

It’s a big misconception that PR is all about having connections. It’s actually the story that counts. Celia from PR Shed will tell you everything expensive PR agencies don’t want you to know, so you can find the unpaid opportunities to publicise your business. Learn what stories the media are interested in and the best way to approach them.


The collective brainpower of those in attendance will come together to find solutions to common business challenges.

 Tickets include a professional headshot, complimentary drinks and canapes.


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